Navigal in the media

Poland’s largest financial news service, Business Insider, describes NAVIGAL as the leading provider of warehousing and distribution systems.

Since Auto Partner chose NAVIGAL’s smart warehousing solutions, the number of their branches grew several times in just a few years. It’s a market phenomenon that’s getting noticed by leading business news providers.

In the Business Insider article we were portrayed as a reliable partner not just in business but also for the largest military alliance in the world:

It’s becoming much more common for NATO to commission private businesses with their tasks. Even military logistics is going civilian.

Outsourcing, which has dominated the world economy, has conquered the last undefeated fortress – the military. Commissioning third parties with tasks that had always been part of well guarded company know-how is proving to be a consistent trend. So much so that even the largest military alliance is riding the wave.

In each member state, NATO commissions businesses with tasks such as training, scientific research or the purchase of equipment. In order to become an official provider for NATO, a business must obtain the NCAGE Code – NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code.

NATO’s exercise in outsourcing

It can be obtained by both companies and persons. In Poland, the Military Centre for Standardization, Quality and Codification is the intermediary that assists with obtaining the code. The list is public and can be accessed anytime. Each business must undergo investigation by appropriate authorities before gaining access to lucrative military contracts. 

The professionalization of many industries has turned NATO into a much more sophisticated buyer of products and services. More often than not private contractors are getting access to strategic military industries such as logistics.

What do logistics mean for NATO? The Alliance answers this question on their website, quoting the legendary military strategist, baron Antoine-Henri Jomini. The general who helped Napoleon win most of his battles famously said that ‘strategy decides where to act, logistics brings the troops to this point.’

NATO’s 3 million providers

Meanwhile, The Military Centre for Standardization, Quality and Codification informs on their website that NATO’s logistics database includes 3 million private producers and service providers and over 38 million products. There are just under 5 thousand Polish businesses in NATO’s NCAGE database. They include SI-Consulting, a management consulting firm and VTS Group, a producer of air conditioning, ventilation and heating devices.

Recently NAVIGAL, a company from Cracow specializing in smart warehousing and logistics systems became one of those providers. 

Since the car parts distributor AutoPartner decided on Navigal’s smart warehousing systems, the number of their branches across Poland doubled. NAVIGAL builds their systems on neuron networks and self-learning algorithms. AI is identified by NATO as a strategic priority.

Source: Business Insider Polska