Mission Impossible

OPERATION: COMPLETED. On the night of 30 December 2021 NAVIGAL had been appointed by NATO headquarters with the official NCAGE Code – NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code. This means that the mission which we had been conducting in secret for a long time has been successfully completed. Our company will become one of the very few high-profile suppliers of the North Atlantic Alliance. 

Equipped with AI, tested on a dozen international markets, NAVIGAL’s warehousing and distribution systems had been eyed by the military for a while but in order to enter the circle of NATO suppliers we had to follow very strict procedures. The results have exceeded our wildest expectations. NAVIGAL received the highest credit rating possible: A, which is given by the London based rating agency Dun & Bradstreet. This puts us on par with European tech giants. 

What do logistics mean for NATO? The Alliance answers this question on their website, quoting the legendary military strategist, baron Antoine-Henri Jomini. The general who helped Napoleon win most of his battles famously said that ‘strategy decides where to act, logistics brings the troops to this point.’

‘Military mobility is essential to NATO’s deterrence and defence stance’ – says the NATO website further explaining the importance of logistics – ‘and is currently a key area for our cooperation with the EU.’ Hence, NAVIGAL, having won so many battles for market share, always fighting alongside its clients has now been mobilized to an even greater efficiency. It will be indirectly responsible for the national security of Poland, Europe and the US.