Microsoft Business Central

Energise your business performance using Microsoft Business Central tools. Manage finance, optimise supply chains, increase sales and improve customer service – all within one set of smart applications.

Tap into the experience of Navigal experts who have years of experience in helping entrepreneurs of various industries run their businesses. We handpick IT solutions that are easily adaptable to the needs of SMEs.

Microsoft Business Central is a solution that takes care of:

  • Sales and procurement,
  • Warehouse management,
  • Finance,
  • HR.

And that’s just the start. By investing in this set of intelligent tools you are setting your business up for success by creating new efficiencies, cutting costs and increasing your competitive edge. Employ technologies that will refine your procurement planning and analyse the profitability of current and future projects.

Why team up with Microsoft Business Central?

Microsoft Business Central tools bring SMEs numerous benefits that have a real impact on your enterprise. Working with it means being able to:

  • access clearly presented financial data,
  • verify the profitability of all your projects, such as procurement and production plans,
  • manage sales processes more effectively (products and services),
  • improve customer service,
  • ensure financial compliance.

The functionalities available within the software are very easily adjusted to your needs. No matter the industry, you’ll get fitted with a tailor made Microsoft Business Central solution. And should you need help implementing it, you can count on us.

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