Navigal is all about People!

We are fluent in



Business Central,

Microsoft Dynamics 365.

If you look closer, you will find us masterminding the enormous and ever growing wave of e-commerce. We make up a multi-skilled team of top IT architects, programmers, consultants and webMasters.

We know what’s on your mind. The long-awaited shipment of car parts that the mechanic can’t do his work without. A toy for the child that has been asking about it every day since the moment it was ordered. A new pair of shoes that will give someone that confidence boost they need on a first date.

Millions of such parcels bring joy every day, but the only one to see them is the delivery person. What you don’t see are the thousands of obstacles that have to be overcome to ensure that each package gets there safely and faster than if sent by your competitor.


We have now been building IT facilities for e-commerce for several years.

With these operations we have paved the way for e-commerce not only locally – in Poland, but also globally – in EUROPE and ASIA. We are currently operating on what for us is the last “virgin” continent – South America. When we first brought artificial intelligence and genetic algorithms to warehouses and distribution systems, the race against time turned out to be a race that could be won. We build solutions based on our own – patented – technologies.

At the same time, we are a partner of the largest global player – MICROSOFT. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, we are the first Polish partner awarded the Microsoft Pinnacle Award. Today, as the race for first place in remote shopping enters its decisive phase, we can safely say we are ahead of the game, already working to improve our AI-based solutions, including neural networks.


Thanks to the rapid processing of orders, the systems we have prepared and implemented have enabled many companies to lead in 21st century trading.

Until now, we were known as IT PIAST. Now, at a turning point for the entire global economy, to mark the introduction of brand new solutions, we are changing our name to NAVIGAL.

We are leading the way and soon the entire distribution and trade industry will follow. But we’re already here and we’re not stopping.