These are the words of Andrzej Manowski, Vice Chairman of Auto Partner S.A., a leading automotive company on the Polish market. In recent years, this company has recorded an unprecedented market upswing and we are very proud of the fact. Just as we are proud of the cooperation with our other business partners, especially since they too can boast of similar rates of development.



Among others, the following clients have grown together with us:


An icon of Polish internet banking.

Grupa Allegro

Over 15,000,000 users a month. (d.

The leading Polish online electronics shop.


A leading Polish online supermarket.

Markety Topaz

Network of Polish discount stores.

Twój Market

A family business that turned into a nationwide network.

Księgarnie Matras

A leading Polish bookstore chain.


The legendary Polish herbal products company.


Nearly 3,000 stores in 13 countries.

The AGH Academy of Science and Technology

A legend among Polish technical universities.


A nationwide network of schools for adult education.


Co-creator of Poland’s gastronomic industry over the last 30 years.


An almost 100-year-old international corporation producing household appliances, with 25 factories and 57 branches in Europe, Asia and America.

Schulstad / Lantmännen Unibake

A world leader in the production of baked goods.


The largest sugar producer in Europe.

Wernel Kenkel

With 600 million packages a year and 1100 employees, a company with an amazing history.


Wałbrzyskie Zakłady Koksownicze “Victoria” S.A.​ (the “Victoria” Coking Plant in Wałbrzych). They have really good coke!


They produce 300 tons of ice cream a day.


A courier company that during our cooperation has become part of the global giant FedEx (they have over 500 airplanes of their own).



FedEx’s rival, with the same scale of business and nearly 500,000 employees.

PCO Żarów

One of the most modern ceramics factories in Europe.


A pioneer in Poland’s IT market.

Royal Collection

Have you seen fashionistas wearing their clothes?

BMZ Innovation Group

Despite many adversities, this company has grown enormously on the green energy market.


Accounting for 40% of Poland’s construction chemicals market.


Their air handling units and heating devices operate in over 100,000 buildings around the world.

DDD Duży Dom Dystrybucyjny

DDD Duży Dom Dystrybucyjny consisting of: Warner Music Poland, Universal Music Poland and Galapagos Films.

Among others, this company has recorded: Anita Lipnicka, Armia, Bajm, Big Cyc, Budka Suflera, Chylińska, Niemen, Edyta Geppert and Edyta Górniak, Ciechowski, Cugowski, Maanam, Michał Lorenc, Norbi, Gintrowski, Reni Jusis, Republika, Shazza, T.Love, Varius Manx, and Wojciech Młynarski.