That is a theory that the American mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz was very close to proving more than half a century ago. But this short sentence also became a symbol of man’s faith in controlling further elements of the eternal chaos. In taking on the things that entire generations thought of as forces that will forever be out of our control.

Every day, millions of micro-events in the Company determine its market position over the long term.

At NAVIGAL, we use market-tested and constantly refined tools that enable us to stay in control.


We don’t merely provide finished products.

We work with our clients on an ongoing basis, adapting each project to the swarm of variables that, like wasps, attack a company from different angles every day. In this way we provide, among other things:

  • Design, implementation, integration and development of IT systems

  • Adaptation of applications to individual customer requirements

  • Auditing of IT system implementations

  • Analyses of companies’ economic processes

  • Re-engineering of business processes

  • Integration of industrial and warehouse automation

  • Data migration

  • Management of implementation projects

  • Technical support – maintenance and training services

Our support goes as far as our clients’ requirements.