With our IT architecture solutions logistics centres and warehouses turn into structural works of art.


We empowered the classic WMS style with artificial intelligence, bringing new life into antique columns and introducing classic symmetry to accommodate unprecedented volumes of traffic. This is how SmartWMS was created – intelligent production and warehouse management solutions available for both large corporations and smaller enterprises.  And thus we’ve opened the door for a new generation of e-commerce. But that was just the beginning.


SmartInvOpt is already a renaissance architecture: a system that has gone even further. It specialises in interior design, thrives at constantly optimizing stock levels. It assists warehouse management, being responsible for stocking and handling orders. With SmartInvOpt, stored goods never wait too long before shipment to the customer. In this way, it can work with any ERP system.

Business Central

Introducing the architecture of the future. Quick and easily implemented Business Central solutions can be controlled even over a smartphone.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our products do not fit into the form of buildings – rather ERP systems form a landscape architecture. Our landscape is Microsoft Dynamics 365 – a spatial order that meets the most demanding requirements of any organization.


The dynamic development of the e-commerce business entails the use of modern tools to manage online store. The response for this challenge is our new product – wwWareShop. It easily allows to handle the growing number of orders and meet wishes of customers. Our solution is a great support to employees responsible for completing packages for shipping by eliminating the risk of sending parcel to a wrong address or not sending it at all.


We run things but AI is the engine for customer acquisition, sales, inventory management, accounting, human and machine resources, in just the same way gothic columns took the weight of the vault above and the entire structure of a building.

"It’s going to be so huge that those who see it finished will think we’re crazy".

– claimed Alonso Martinez, the architect who designed the Cathedral of Seville, the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. As for our structures, they have had solid market foundations for 16 years, which is why every day we can build them higher still.