Unprecedented industry changes

Warehousing space in Poland just exceeded 23 million square meters and it’s still growing.

As you’re reading this article, nearly 3.6 million square meters of warehousing space is being created in Poland and at least one warehouse is put into use. Such are the headlines of a report from the commercial real estate and investment management company, Colliers. The accumulated available warehouse space in Poland exceeded 23 million square meters for the first time in history. That’s far more than 3200 full-size football pitches. 

The pace of increase is still growing – each year another million square meters is being added and the total could reach 25 million in just three months.

There are four main distribution centers in Poland. Warsaw and its surroundings, Greater Poland, Lower and Upper Silesia. Only in the latter two regions warehouse spaces the size of 140 football pitches are being built. Vacant spaces, which had been an issue for the industry have practically disappeared from the market, dropping below 5% which means a decrease by 3.3% year on year. And in the last 5 years warehousing space grew by over 120%!

AutoPartner warehouse in Bieruń. Since the company decided on Navigal’s smart warehousing systems, the number of their branches across Poland grew several times.

Prices are also increasing. Renting a square meter of warehouse space depends on many factors, the key one being location. According to CBRE, one of the largest commercial real estate consulting firms, the price spread is significant: from around 12 Polish Zloty (PLN) near Poznań and Łódź, 17 PLN in Cracow and Katowice, 19 PLN in Wrocław and 20 PLN in Gdańsk. In Warsaw the price per square meter reaches 30 PLN but there are offers as high as 60 PLN and they don’t stay on the table for long! That’s why it’s not just the price of warehouse space that’s increasing in value but also the cost per minute of storage. Smart warehouse management systems are becoming instrumental for the industry as they regulate what is stored and how long in those precious square meters. 

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