Polish exports to the U.S. are breaking their previous records! According to data from the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), the United States was last year the 9th largest market for Polish goods.

The value of Polish exports to the American market in 2021 amounted to USD 9 billion. Compared to 2020, this means an increase of as much as 18%.

Over the past decade, our exports to the U.S. have grown by approximately 10% a year (almost twice as fast as total Polish exports). Meanwhile, the global changes caused by the Covid pandemic and the consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine may accelerate this growth even more.

Americans are buying ever more advanced devices and services from us. In recent years, we have sold overseas, among other things, aircraft components, turbojet and turboprop engine parts and turbojet engines. Polish medical equipment is also generating increasing interest in the U.S. But recently, Polish desktop computers and web servers have become a real hit in America.

Poland is currently the most important European supplier of these devices to the American market, despite the fact that back in 2010 Polish manufacturers were earning revenues from the American market of little over USD 1 million. As a result of disrupted supply chains from other continents (consequences of the pandemic), we have won a place that for years was reserved for Asian suppliers.

NAVIGAL’s achievement of joining the group of official suppliers to the US government and NATO (since February this year) is part of this trend and is symbolic proof of the growing importance of Polish logistics in the world. NAVIGAL is strengthening its hold on South American markets (the Chilean branch of the international concern DSI Underground is another customer to have placed its warehouses in the hands of the intelligent WMS systems created by us), so the U.S. is a natural point on the map of our expansion. The more so because the U.S., as the largest economy in the world, is increasingly interested in directly investing in Poland. 

Warsaw’s new financial centre. Photo: Navigal

In the last 3 months, Poland has become one of the major logistic hubs of the enormous operation of providing Ukraine with humanitarian aid, weapons and many other goods. In the future, the wave of aid needed to rebuild this war-torn country will flow through our country. Poland, which proved itself in the critical days of the war, may therefore become a pillar of institutional assistance to Ukraine and in the future, one of the most important players in the global economy.

Nearshoring is a new term making a dizzying career among corporations trying to rebuild their position after the Covid cataclysm. In a nutshell, nearshoring means moving production (and other business processes) to a safe country that is also geographically close to a company’s most important business goals. After Asian manufacturers, paralyzed by pandemic lockdowns, delayed the supply of key components around the world, many industries have suffered a crisis, an example being the automotive market, undergoing the greatest collapse in its history.

In this context, Poland is increasingly mentioned as one of the most reliable partners for conducting business and investments in key industries. In the global economy, investment decisions no longer hinge on low prices. Today, much more important aspects are security of supplies, geographic proximity and product quality. The most important European economies are right on our doorstep, and Polish know-how is gaining increasing recognition around the world. Polish start-ups are already becoming leading players in their respective industries. Here, in just 30 seconds, you can see how NAVIGAL’s intelligent warehouse systems have recently helped a small automotive wholesaler become one of the largest car parts distributors in Europe: