NAVIGAL in European TOP 10

NAVIGAL has been recognised as leading warehouse automation solution provider in Europe. International website has ranked us among top 10 providers on the continent. Here’s the whole story:

NAVIGAL Taking Smart Warehousing to the Next Level

Ever heard of ? It is one of the largest online supermarkets in Poland and a leader in the Warsaw e-grocery space. It has emerged as the greatest alternative to large brick-and-mortar grocery stores with the widest range of products at the lowest prices. Especially in these tumultuous pandemic times, consumers are increasingly depending on to shop household essentials from the comfort of their homes and get the highest quality items at the most competitive prices. has been able to achieve a unique symbiosis of performance, efficiency, quality, low cost, and speedy delivery owing to its own automated warehouse facility, which employs the most advanced order processing systems. When the produce enters the warehouse, an intelligent shuttle container distribution system is used to sort and label the products based on whether they are from the farm, processed, treated, or frozen. The freshest produce is chosen and packed carefully in easy-to-unpack containers, which are then taken from the relevant stations and loaded onto the vehicles via automated conveyors, making the delivery of the products to the customer’s address on time.

Photo: Warhouses of near by Warsaw. NAVIGAL’s products are the heart of the system here.

If you are wondering what is so different about’s warehouse that it is able to meet all the customers’ product demands in such short time frames while maintaining the highest quality, then the answer is NAVIGAL —the architect behind imbuing full automation and artificial intelligence (AI) into the warehouse systems of A rising star in Poland’s evolving e-commerce space, Navigal is guiding clients through the next step of warehousing evolution. By leveraging the power of AI, neural networks, and genetic algorithms, the company is empowering its growing network of clients to predict the customer demands of tomorrow and prepare for them today. Notably, the company combines people, software, and robots, complementing human intuitiveness with technological efficiency to achieve the highest possible productivity on the warehouse floor. “Our multi-skilled team of IT architects, programmers, consultants, and web designers—strengthened by AI-driven solutions—focus on removing all the obstacles in warehousing and inventory management, so that the longawaited parcels can reach the end consumers quickly and seamlessly,” says Marcin Sobczyk, business development director at NAVIGAL. At the centre of NAVIGAL’s warehousing automation solution is SmartWMS—a new generation of operating system designed just for the warehouse. As it is configurable with the client’s existing ERP and ordering systems as per the individual requirements of their warehouses, SmartWMS can be used to centralise the workflow of the warehouse floor.

Photo: An intelligent shuttle container distribution system powered by NAVIGAL

Apart from warehouse operations, SmartWMS can also be optimised for automating numerous production management and storage management processes. The smart algorithms backing SmartWMS means that it can learn and adapt to any new workflows, giving clients the ability to continually update their warehouse processes with new technologies and increase productivity without losing the business flow. The clients can further take their capabilities to the next level by combining SmartWMS with Navigal’s wwWareShop, an online sales automation solution. Especially when it comes to e-commerce businesses, the solution’s advanced capabilities enable clients to manage the ever-growing log of orders and meet the evolving customer expectations, all from one point of control. Moreover, with wwWareShop, the parcel assembling workforce never runs the risk of late delivery or wrong address as the solution keeps tracks of every parcel and matches it with the orders in real-time. While this is evidently time-saving and more productive for clients, it also ensures end-consumer satisfaction owing to accurate and timely deliveries. To further drive home the benefits of its solutions, NAVIGAL leverages its certified Microsoft partnership to equip its clients with Microsoft Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365. “By combining these smart applications developed by Microsoft with our solutions, we reduce operational fragmentation and ensure the end-to-end cohesiveness in our clients’ IT ecosystem,” notes Sobczyk. Whether it is managing finance and HR, optimising the supply chain, or improving customer service, the clients can do it all within one set of smart applications under the SmartWMS operation system umbrella.

Photo: NAVIGAL’s headquarters in Cracow

“Implementing these solutions, however, does not mean the clients instantly get rid of all their problems. In an ever-evolving world, the solutions have to be upgraded along with the business processes and strategies,” expresses Sobczyk. In this aspect, NAVIGAL’s experienced consultants take the initiative to bolster its product offerings with industry-leading services that include IT systems development, IT audits, economic process analysis, business process re-engineering, data migration, and technical support. Having worked with numerous e-commerce clients,

NAVIGAL’s workforce possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that the company’s clients are always one step ahead in the continually changing business landscape. Empowered by NAVIGAL’s prowess, today, countless e-commerce businesses in Poland are fast expanding their operations. Even across the rest of Europe and Asia, an increasing number of clients are signing up with NAVIGAL to boost their warehousing and e-commerce functionalities. As the first Polish company to win the Microsoft Pinnacle Award, NAVIGAL will further bolster its partnership with the tech giant and bring its latest innovations to clients. In the same leg, the company will also focus on launching AR-powered glasses, which will not only make most of the processes hands-free in the warehouse, but it will also streamline shipment tracking and inventory management for an ever-expanding online shopping market. “Our ultimate goal is to revolutionise the entire e-commerce and warehouse workflow, and keep decreasing the time frame between the placement of the order and successful delivery, and we will do just this,” concludes Sobczyk

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