Auto-Partner breaks the bank

Since AutoPartner started using our warehousing systems, its growth broke most known market records.

The dynamic growth of the car parts distributor has become a hot topic not just in Poland but across Europe. According to most recent reports, after the third quarter of 2021 Auto Partner Group generated nearly 1.7 billion Polish Zloty in sales revenue, which sets their year on year growth at 35%. That’s what the company made in total in all of 2020. It seems that AP Group has only just started to accelerate. Sales revenue in November 2021 reached 200,534 Zloty, that’s 37.94% more than a year earlier.

Let’s not forget that Auto Partner started working with NAVIGAL in 2011 and introduced SmartWMS built on AI and genetic algorithms. Once NAVIGAL systems were introduced, the company became one of the largest car parts distributors in Europe. SmartWMS increased the capacity of its flow of goods by over 100% – from 600 to 1300 containers per hour.

Since the implementation Auto Partner opened 11 new branches in Poland, reaching a total of 104. The last branch, in Kołobrzeg was opened in November 2021. The Auto Partner sales network now covers all voivodeships. The company plans on further expanding its network of branches and reaching more customers faster. Only in the first 3 quarters of 2021 Auto Partner grew its export by half (+46% y/y) and increased sales in Poland by 28%. 

From the moment our cooperation began, Auto Partner Group has sustained high profitability and recently net profit grew by 76% to 144.4 million Zloty. The company has been working with NAVIGAL for years. You can learn about the success stories of our other clients here

How NAVIGAL helped Auto Partner conquer the markets in Poland, Europe and globally? You can learn about it from this 150-second video: