Now it’s official!

 We have been preparing for this moment a long time, but we can now officially announce: IT PIAST changes its name to NAVIGAL!

We are proud of our achievements to date, and we are now sailing into even deeper waters of operations in the warehouse and logistics industry. As NAVIGAL, we have just been elected the Golden Sponsor of the Regalux Delphia Cup Logistics Regatta.

This is a good time to start telling you about all the ports we have visited and the shallows we have managed to avoid on the way.

For now, we would like to greet all the Crews and salute our new ensign: Navigal – The Smart Way Forward!


The last 16 years of our operations has been a fascinating story of forming human friendships, creating with passion and supporting entire industries. But above all, it is a unique story of an exceptional team of people and its development.

Development means constant change, and this is what we are known for – every day we introduce hundreds, if not thousands of changes, in increasingly faster programs and entire systems. One thing alone never changes: the composition of our team and the passion with which we overcome obstacles when implementing projects for our clients. In accordance with the basic rule of sport: one doesn’t make changes to a winning team. The time has come, however, to make one important symbolic change. We have reached a historic point in the history of our company. IT Piast is a part of our common history, but we are looking forward, not back. Having achieved a historic position on the market, we are changing our name and image. We will now continue setting our sights as NAVIGAL. We are proud to be firstly presenting the new face of the company to the most important group to hear the news: our team. You are our greatest capital. Without you, we wouldn’t have arrived where we are. But we strongly believe that this is just the beginning of a great journey. The year 2020 means taking a new direction and facing even greater challenges in these difficult times. We see the turbulent waves sweeping world markets as a challenge, not an adversity. NAVIGAL is beginning its cruise in search of new territories!